Unlawful Sexual Activity Prevention

Last updated 19 August 2021

These resources are aimed at preventing MAPs from engaging in unlawful sexual activity with minors or from using sexual imagery of minors. Because of this, MAP wellness may not be the focus of these resources. Use them at your own discretion. These resources are not affiliated with or endorsed by OMC.

Be aware that many resources may utilise stigmatising language or negative attitudes towards MAPs. We cannot guarantee the quality of care you receive from these resources. If in doubt, do not disclose that you are a MAP. Never disclose unadjudicated illegal activity.

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Open MAP Community is a chat-based community for minor-attracted persons (MAPs) aged 15 years and older to give and receive peer support. Join at https://mapcommunity.org or omchomelyytyjsfpbmfeumzuxbpd7svoktex5h4zcbuwrcmkfookhnqd.onion.